Reworked And Repurposed Fashion By Colony Kidswear

There are plenty of reasons to shop sustainably and ethically, the feature below is about one way to do just that.

If sustainability and ethically sourced clothing is something that you’re interest in, and if you believe fashion should be fun then you’re going to love Colony Kidswear.

Charlotte Lucy Hazell, founder of Colony Kidswear in Malton, North Yorkshire is all about the reuse and repurpose of clothing, especially for children. She designs brand new clothing for little ones using repurposed clothing, natural fabrics and her own unique prints. In a world where fashion is aiming to become more sustainable, Colony Kidswear is already there by investing into circular fashion.

But what is circular fashion, and what does it really mean?

Circular fashion is when an item of clothing is no longer needed but instead of throwing it away to end up in landfill, it is reused and redesigned into a brand new piece. It’s a great way of making sure we cut down with our carbon emission footprint and reuse pieces of clothing that have plenty of life left in them.

The Designs

Some of Charlotte’s designs at Colony Kidswear are made from repurposed items, and her new designs include rompers and dresses, shorts and t-shirts, and much more. The Colony Kidswear website showcases some fabulous designs, which even includes cute bloomers and accessories for babies. Best of all is that every single design is unique. Each item has a dainty print with a dragonfly or a woodlouse that is extremely eye catching yet subtly understated.

The clothing for children is available from baby through to around 6 or 7 years old, and can be purchased online at Colony Kidswear. Equally, selected items can be found in-store at Be Diddy in Chorlton. Prices vary between each item, they start at around £8.50 through to around £48.50.

If you are looking to invest in sustainable clothing for the children in your life we definitely think that Colony Kidswear should be on your radar.

Words by Rachel McAlley

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