Make sure little feet have the best fitting, highest quality footwear

It is always important to make sure little feet have the best fitting, highest quality footwear, to enable their growing bones to develop as naturally and healthily as possible. If you have been searching for a trusted brand for your own children, your search is over. Let us introduce you to Giesswein.

Founded as a family business and run by the third generation, Markus and Johannes Giesswein have been dealing with wool since childhood. They have made it their mission to reinvent the positive attributes of wool to create unique products. Their mission is to process wool so that its benefits can be optimally utilized. For this they develop and produce unique fabrics from their own production in Tyrol / Austria. They select only hand-picked wool qualities according to high ethical and ecological standards.

“High quality starts with the selection of the basic material. There are countless wool qualities, but only the finest manage it into the Giesswein production. Wool is not an artificially manufactured standard, but as unique as nature itself. That’s why it takes years of experience to get wool into shape. With this know-how, we have become Europe’s largest producer of 100% virgin wool clothing.”

Keep your feet snug and warm in their luxurious slippers. From slip-ons to boots and slipper socks, Giesswein have the right pair for all the family. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and fabrics to find the right slippers for you. 

Is it the fit, the natural material or the non-slip soles that make these slippers so special?

Giesswein combines all these things, having constantly improved and perfected their slippers for over 60 years, achieving their goal to always guarantee the highest quality by processing purely natural materials, making your slippers so warm and comfortable, you will never want to take them off!

Product Review by H&N Lifestyle Journalist, Ashley Conboy:

Where are Lucy slippers is a common question in our house. She always knows where she left then and happily lets us put them on – but within an hour we will be having the same conversation and putting them back on her feet. So, when Giesswein footwear got in touch we were keen to try their slippers to see if Lucy would keep them on her feet! Made from Merino wool that doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort, is temperature-regulating, wool that stretches and is odour-free we hoped these would all the convincing Lucy needed to keep her slippers on! With a variety of materials (wool/cotton/slipper socks) and slim fit available as well as a huge selection of colours and styles we were spoilt for choice. We went for the Osterwald style in pink and orange with part animal print. They are bright and fun and a real winner with Lucy. “WOOOWWW” was her reaction when she opened them and immediately wanted to put them on her feet. She then proceeded to point down to them every so often – but the main thing was they did not come off her feet! The fact that they are washable at 30deg means if I do ever get them off her – I can quickly get them washed and ready for the next day! A win-win all round!

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