Men’s watches are indispensable accessories to any wardrobe. They make men look good and walk with confidence, knowing that their wrist looks and feels nice.

These precious accessories come in different styles, designs, and colours. Some have gemstones such as diamonds or pearls incorporated within them for more elegance and styling, while others are casual with leather, plastic, or fabric watchbands. 

However, the most crucial thing is to understand the trick behind matching watches with clothes.

 Below are tips to help you out:

1. The everyday watch

Women have different pairs of earrings, and every man should have some cufflinks that make him feel invincible. For everyday wear, men should have a go-to watch. However, it must match your personality and occupation. If you’re in the office most of the time, your choice of a watch should be stylish and different from someone who spends most of the time in the garden. When picking the ideal watch, there are some rules to consider, no matter your style or occupation.

Metal goes with metal!- While this idea might look simple, you’d be surprised how most men try matching gold faced watches with silver cufflinks and tie clips. By so doing, you look awkward and unprofessional. Match the metal with any other pieces of metal, and this will make you look more stylish.

Leather goes well with leather- If you wear a watch with a leather strap; let the material color of your shoes be the reference for your choice of the watchband. Match your belt with your boots and have your watch complement both.

Colors should complement each other- A bright pink watch may have you happy and smiling all day. While women love matching watches with clothes and get away with it, for men, your watch’s color must compliment your outfit and not draw attention away from it.

2. Formal means elegance!

Just like women, all men should possess formal dress watches. When dressed in a formal outfit, you must wear a watch that is not only masculine but also sophisticated. What color watch goes with everything?  Timepieces such as the monte carlo watch can give your wrist and gear a classy and refined look that blends well with various formal outfits.  If you wish to look more splash, pick a dress watch with classic lines as well as bold contrasting colors such as silver or black.

3. Wear outdoor watches outdoors

Nothing looks graver than a man in a nice tailored suit with an outdoor watch. Only wear outdoor watches on outdoors activities; they are ordinarily insulated and can withstand harsh weather. If you wear official outfits with an outdoor watch, you draw attention away from your gear and also ruin your looks. Therefore, opt for a dress watch and save your outdoor one for a weekend out.

4. You can only wear metal

Watch straps go well with distinct shoe colors. For instance, metal bands go well with either black or brown shoes. However, some metal colors work best with specific colors of clothes and shoes. For example, a silver watch matches perfectly with black or blue shades while gold watches go well with browns, beiges, or other any earth tones.


There are various men’s watches in the market. The same way, different outfits range from casual, formal, and evening wear. To style your outfit with a watch, you must understand how matching watches with clothes works. This way, you can be sure to match the watch perfectly with your outfit. Always remember that metal goes well with metal, lather with leather, colours with colours and only wear outdoor watches for outdoor events.

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