How To Make Perfect Poached Eggs

How To Make Perfect Poached Eggs by @coxys_kitchen

Poached eggs are wonderful things and healthy too, but many people shy away from making them; frustrated by not being able to achieve that beautiful sphere shape we see in restaurants and on our screens made by TV chefs.

This Coxy’s Kitchen masterclass will have you making the most eggsellent Perfect Poached Eggs in no time, but first, here are some of the best ways to enjoy eating poached eggs:

  • Simply poached eggs on sourdough toast
  • Eggs Benedict – Toasted English muffin topped with bacon or ham, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce
  • Smashed avocado & bacon on toast, topped with a poached egg
  • Mushroom risotto with crispy pancetta and a poached egg
  • Crisp ham salad with French dressing and a poached egg

Step 1: Choosing your eggs

The key to perfectly poached eggs is, believe it or not, the eggs! To achieve perfect poached eggs they have to be as fresh as you can get. If you can, go for fresh farm eggs rather than ones from the supermarket.

Step 2: Pick the right pan

Choose a big, deep saucepan; even if you’re only making one poached egg. Your egg(s) need plenty of room to move around to create a perfect sphere.

Step 3: Use a ramekin

Crack the egg into a ramekin first, it will allow for better control when adding it to the water.

Step 4: Add vinegar

Adding a splash of white wine vinegar to the water helps bind the egg white. Some people worry that it will make their eggs taste vinegary; it doesn’t.

Let’s poach eggs!

Cooking time: 3-4 minutes


  • Fresh farm eggs
  • 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


  1. Bring a large pan of water to simmer and add the vinegar. Make sure the water is at least 10 cm/4 inch deep
  2. While the water is coming up to simmer, crack an egg into a ramekin or small cup
  3. When the water is simmering – and if poaching only on egg, use a whisk or spoon to create a gentle swirl/vortex in the water. If cooking multiple eggs, don’t swirl the water, if the eggs are fresh you will still get a nice sphere shape
  4. Using the ramekin, pour the egg as closely to the water as possible into the centre of the swirl and simmer for 3-4 minutes for a runny yolk. If cooking multiple eggs, use the ramekin to add one at a time
  5. When the egg(s) are done, use a slotted spoon to gently lift them out of the water and onto kitchen paper to drain off any excess water
  6. Taking care not to damage the yolk, gently transfer them to a plate and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper

Coxy’s Kitchen Tip

Cracking the egg into a fine mesh sieve before it goes into the ramekin, allows the runnier part of the egg white to drain away, leaving less wispy bits on your poached egg.

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