How to make Chicken and Ham Pie with Swede and Potato Topping

Chicken and Ham Pie with Swede and Potato Topping by @coxy_kitchen

Everyone loves a pie – and this Chicken & Ham Pie with Swede and Potato Topping is no exception. If you’re wondering why this recipe doesn’t include any quantities or measurements (except for the béchamel sauce and ham), it’s because this Chicken & Ham Pie with Swede and Potato Topping has been designed purely with roast dinner leftovers in mind.

As everyone’s leftovers will vary the ingredients list below is just a guide, the key is to use up whatever’s leftover from your roast chicken dinner. That said, if the filling needs bulking out, just add more veg; tinned sweetcorn, or mushrooms would work well, or maybe some extra ham. Roast chicken leftovers have never tasted so good!

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes


  • Cooked roast chicken, removed from the carcass and chopped into bitesized pieces
  • Carrots, roughly chopped
  • Peas
  • Swede
  • Mashed potato
  • 3-4 slices of ham, chopped (based on 4 people)

For the béchamel: (based on 4 people)

  • 40g butter
  • 40g plain flour
  • 450 – 500ml milk
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 200c
  2. Mash the cooked swede into the mashed potato and set aside
  3. Chop the ham and make sure all the leftover pie filling ingredients are chopped and ready to go
  4. To make the creamy béchamel sauce, melt the butter in a large saucepan over a low to medium heat, then add the flour and whisk until it forms a paste. Gradually add the milk, whisking at all times to make sure there are no lumps in the sauce – occasionally use a wooden spoon to scrape out any lumps stuck around the edges of the saucepan. Keep whisking and stirring until the sauce starts to thicken. For a looser sauce, add a bit more milk at a time until you’re happy with the consistency. When the sauce is done, season to taste with salt and pepper
  5. With the exception of the mashed swede and potato, stir the cooked chicken, ham and other veggies into the sauce
  6. Pour the filling into a pie dish and top with mashed swede and potato. Place in the oven for 30-35 minutes, until the filling is bubbling and the topping is starting to crispy

Coxy’s Kitchen Tip…

  1. Switch up the mashed swede and potato topping for leftover roasties instead. Thinly slice them, then layer them on top of the pie filling for delicious crispy topping.
  2. Boil up the chicken carcass to make chicken stock to use for gravy or other sauces; store in the freezer until needed.

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