WIN The Majority Bowfell TV Soundbar!

If you find yourself constantly muttering ‘what did that guy just say?’ or tend to rewind in 10-second bursts just to catch the dialogue, you might need a soundbar in your life.

A soundbar is a simple add-on to your entertainment system, but it elevates your audio profoundly. And we just found a gem: The Majority Bowfell TV Soundbar. It’s Amazon’s No. 1 best-selling soundbar, with a flawless five-star rating from more than 1,950 reviewers. Sleek and understated, it blends seamlessly into your living room (or any room).

Theater-quality audio

This soundbar provides impeccable sound clarity. The Majority Bowfell TV Soundbar—which is 15-inches wide with 50-watt speakers—uses special HD sound quality technology to enhance on-screen dialogue; this means you’ll get crystal clear conversation without having to crank the TV’s volume super loud. Voices come through sharp and detailed, while other sounds hover at a just-right level.

It even has a built-in sub-woofer for extra bass!

WINNER will be drawn Monday 2nd August 2021


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