IT’S BACK!!! WIN! A Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Hamper and transform your smile at home.

Award-winning cult teeth whitening brand, Billion Dollar Smile five products to help people achieve professional teeth whitening results at home. The brand has been at the forefront of home-whitening products innovation since 2014 working closely with dentists and scientists to develop nature-powered, vegan, enamel repairing products that deliver remarkable results.


For the ultimate at-home whitening experience to rival dental chair results without sensitivity, the first ever Purple Teeth Whitening Kit contains one rechargeable 32 LED light (Red and Blue), one mouthpiece, three 3ml purple whitening syringes, one shade guide, and a fully comprehensive instruction manual.

Containing the highest concentration of the latest developments in whitening technology, this formula has been proven to deliver stronger and safer results, even for sensitive teeth. Featuring the famous stain-dissolving whitener PAP that oxidises on contact to reveal white teeth, this product also includes Deep Purple Pigments to conceal yellow tones on the tooths surface. This kit is packed with teeth-caring ingredients such as remineralising Hydroxyapatite and desensitising Potassium Citrate.

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Arriving with three 3ml purple whitening gel syringes and one shade guide, this product ensures customers only need ever buy one Ultimate Purple Teeth Whitening Kit. Utilising the utensils from the Ultimate Kit such as the light and mouthpiece, only 1.5ml of the gel from the purple whitening gel syringes is needed per application to maintain a gorgeous, dazzling smile.

Containing the highest market concentration of oxidising whitener PAP, which delivers stronger and better results than Peroxide with zero sensitivity, as well as the deep Purple Pigments to conceal yellow tones. The first evet Purple whitening gel also features teeth-caring ingredients Hydroxyapatite and desensitising Potassium Citrate so even the most sensitive teeth can see improvement of up to ten shades whiter.


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Utilising the latest technology to harvest the power of oxidising non-Peroxide whitener PAP, these whitening strips provide immediate results. Billion Dollar Smile offer the highest level of concentrated PAP on the market, making these products a one of a kind. Fans have been going wild for these on social media, due to them being suitable for the most sensitive teeth. Users only need to apply the strip for 15-30 minutes to freshly brushed teeth, and then simply peel them off and rinse mouth with water. Designed to reach full effectiveness after 14 days of treatment, the ultra-mint flavoured strips dissolve stains to reveal a whiter and brighter smile. Peroxide free, safe for enamel, and even suitable for sensitive teeth.


Designed as a convenient product for those on the go, the Teeth Whitening Pens have been developed to be effective without causing gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. Containing the highest concentration of PAP and no peroxide, the formula has been crafted to be kind and impactful. Featuring remineralising Hydroxyapatite and desensitising Potassium Citrate, enamel and teeth are well looked after inside and out.

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