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London-based Fight City Gym offers gym-goers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience an enjoyable way of fighting fat and building stamina through their range of unique training programs. Today, they reveal 5 of the best exercises you can do with your pet.

food myths

Food Myths

Will flat tummy teas get rid of that unwanted fat? Should we limit our fruit intake? Could ‘no carbs before marbs’ really give me that celeb bod? London’s Leading Nutritionist Lily Soutter ( is here to address all of these food myths…

gut health

Divulging My Expert Digestive Secrets…

With such limited public awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system, author, nutritionist, gut health expert, and founder of the UK’s leading Kefir producer,Chuckling Goat, Shann Nix Jones divulges her top digestive health secrets, and reveals some exclusive digestive tips from her best- selling Amazon book, The Kefir Solution.

trinity wig specialists

Trinity Wig Specialists

Trinity Wig Specialists provides discrete and professional hairdressing for everyone. Established in 1995, Trinity Hair Studio remains today one of the region’s most highly regarded…


Too Cool for School

Since its launch in the UK in April 2019, key Too Cool For School lines have sold out within 24 hours in-store and online. Their bestselling Egg Mellow Cream sells 1 every 12 seconds in the US and globally, with the Egg Cream Masks selling 1 unit every 10 seconds in the US. The brand had a waiting list of 25,000 orders ahead of its launch into the US and received over 9,000 requests to come to the UK.