Gadgets for the Outdoors

What better way to celebrate the sunshine making an appearance than to spend an odd evening in the garden, walking in the countryside, or visiting rural pubs with friends and family.

Headphones Your Ears Will Love

Everywhere you go someone is wearing headphones, from the train and bus to walking down the street, people wear them while driving the car, or hanging with friends – headphones are the ‘go to’ for spending quality time listening to music and podcasts, watching movies, or working shut off from the surrounding sounds of the world.

geeky gadgets

6 Gorgeous Geeky Gadgets

As a nation we have gone from being hesitant of a mobile phone in the early 1990’s to not being able to leave the house without our smart phones in 2019. Then there are our watches that advise us on the amount of steps to take per day, and our cars where everything is based around technology from the Sat Nav and the DAB radio to the handsfree device and voice control system. We are a nation of tech savvy geeks.

Yamaha MC 20

Gadgets: Yamaha MC 20

We unboxed the speaker, read the manual, downloaded the app, plugged the Yamaha MusicCast 20 in, and played some old school club classics, it was like a wall of pure sound perfection engulfed the room. Yes, this is possibly the best speaker we have ever had the fortune of spending some time with.