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Ultimate Burger

The Ultimate Burger recipe

The Ultimate Burger recipe – Hey It’s National Burger Day so our best friend Paul has drummed up this fantastic recipe for Chicken Burgers. Check out Pauls page at @fatfoodclub for more sensational recipes and foodie tips ‘n’ tricks! National Burger Day on the 27th August is not to be

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Sardines on Sourdough

Toasted sourdough with sardines and smashed avocado

Another recipe from our friend Paul @FatFoodClub Toasted sourdough with sardines and smashed avocado – Superfood overload – healthy and nutritious – this simple but delicious recipe will make lunch times a meal to look forward to. All of these ingredients listed below are readily available in the supermarket. You

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Onepot Sausages

One pot sausages with tomato and mixed beans

Another feed from Paul at Fat Food club One pot sausages with tomato and mixed beans – We have used the brilliant Heck to knock up this tasty sausage, tomato and mixed bean one pot wonder. It literally takes 30 minutes from start to finish and would be perfect for

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Perfect Steak

How to cook the Perfect Steak

Welcome back to our resident Foodie – Paul Conboy from Fat Food club. We used the brilliant Meater+ to knock up these perfectly cooked butchers bought sirloin steaks. We decided to think carefully about what actually goes into cooking the perfect steak and we have added these points here. It

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Pimp my Salad


another fine recipe by FatFoodClub Super easy meat free coconut bacon by Pimp-my-Salad with a mustard and balsamic vinegar dressing. Want to PIMP-my-SALAD? – The plant toppings by PIMP-my-SALAD are pretty exceptional and work well on a light and tasty lunch. We were sent the Cashew Parm Cheez, Super Seeds

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Beer can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken by Paul @fatfoodclub Celebrating Food with FatFoodClub. Beer butt chicken may have origins stateside, but it was Jamie Oliver who really kick started the idea of oven style beer can chicken here in the UK. Beer Can Chicken – The lager adds flavour but its real beauty is

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