How to improve skin elasticity – the Olverum way

If you follow our editorials and product reviews in the Health section of H&N Magazine Online, you will know that we are huge fans of all things OLVERUM!

The story of OLVERUM is as rich and rare as the oil itself. From a twelfth century physic garden to the latest modern laboratories, it is a story involving a family secret carried for decades, plus several lifetimes of passion and specialist knowledge.

With a vision to preserve OLVERUM’s unique heritage, they have now embarked on a new chapter with the launch of several new extensions to the line. One of which is their Firming Body Oil.

Let’s face it, as we age, we know that our skin loses its elasticity and our body is not as firm as it once was, we become self-conscious about areas such as arms, legs and bottoms which all start to lose their tone in our 30’s and 40’s.

improve skin elasticity

When we were offered the chance to try OLVERUM’s Firming Body Oil, we could not say no. We know how good their products are, having tested most of them, so we were eager to see what this would do.

Two of us in the H&N team had different areas of concern and took it in turns to try the product over a week to see what difference, if any, it would make. One of us used the oil on upper arms and the other on thighs.

Before we share the results and our thoughts, here’s a little more about the product.

This intensive body sculpting treatment combines active botanical oils and extracts proven to tone skin, enhance collagen levels, and protect against future loss of elasticity.

Massaged well into target areas, specialised contouring botanicals grapefruit and black pepper activate the sympathetic nervous system to rapidly provide a more sculpted appearance. Meanwhile, gently exfoliating papaya enzyme leaves skin smooth for instant toning benefits and is suitable for all skin types.

So here is our verdict.

The oil has a non-greasy formula which absorbs rapidly into the skin, providing a smooth, cushioned texture for massage and the grapefruit and black pepper did their job perfectly, providing a tightening, toning sensation.

The daily routine of massaging in the oil was beautifully relaxing, while breathing in its light, energising scent was uplifting. This became a ritual we both enjoyed and looked forward to.

Most importantly, we both saw improvements in skin tone and texture and have vowed to continue to see just how much improvement can be made over a whole month. If the results from just one week are anything to go by our expectations are very high! We both saw improvements in firmness and contouring. This was an exciting result!

More really important facts about OLVERUM Firming Body Oil are that it is vegan and cruelty-free, free from artificial preservatives, fragrance and colourants, silicone, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, triclosan and animal derived ingredients.

Just apply a generous layer of Firming Body Oil onto cleansed, damp skin of the targeted area of the body, and massage. For the best results, use your palm to roll and stroke upwards. This repeated action will increase blood circulation to the area and will promote collagen synthesis, resulting in firming looking skin.

And it works!

Honouring the authentic spirit, traditions and therapeutic ethos that have stood the test of time for almost nine decades, you can be assured that OLVERUM is a new word in luxury self-care.

What are you waiting for? Let us know what you think.

Available from www.olverum.com and www.spacenk.com

100ml RRP £44.00

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