Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate driving contest?

Twenty Twenty TV are searching for 6 amazing drivers for a brand new TV show. Faster: Race The World (w/t) is a globetrotting car competition series that taps into the urban glamour and auto culture of some of the world’s major cities. Six amazing drivers fly out to a different car-crazy global location each episode where they will be immersed in each country’s unique car culture. But they are not just here to have fun; they’re here to win. In a series of driving challenges – based on skill and speed – our six drivers will be whittled down to one ultimate ‘Faster’ winner.

Final casting week so apply now here

Faster: Race The World (w/t) is a globetrotting car competition series that taps into the urban glamour and auto culture of some of the world’s major cities. Six amazing drivers fly out to a different car-crazy global location each episode where they will be immersed in each country’s unique car culture. But they are not just here to have fun; they’re here to win. In a series of driving challenges – based on skill and speed – our six drivers will be whittled down to one ultimate ‘Faster’ winner.”

This is NOT for professional drivers, we’re searching for individuals who have a natural ability behind the wheel, fairly experienced with handling a variety of vehicles and possibly have a weekend racing hobby. Our application deadline date is 10th January 2018

Food Trend Predictions for 2018

Ahead of the New Year, Frida Harju-Westman, nutritionist at the Swedish health app Lifesum ( talks food trends that we can expect to see taking the UK by storm in 2018.

Steel cut oats comeback  – Whilst avocado toast seems to be here to stay, a new breakfast contestant has entered the game. Experiencing a similar comeback, steel cut oats and its versatility is becoming a more frequent sighting on Instagram. Oats is filling and energy-boosting, offering an ideal blank breakfast canvas to be mixed with all your favourite delicious and nutritious toppings, including pear, raw dark chocolate, chia seeds, and (hold on to your seat) avocado. It is also a healthy way to start the day as it contains soluble fibre in much higher quantities than other grains, which helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol. Studies have shown that a 70g bowl of organic oats is enough to reduce your levels of harmful cholesterol by around 7%, similar to the results of doctor-prescribed statins.

lifesum blue algaeBlue is the new green  – Blue lattes and smoothies is the new hottest trend in Australia and it is only a matter of time until London’s coffee shops follow the craze. Made famous by vegan-friendly coffeehouse, Matcha Mylkcafe in Melbourne, the drink includes E3 live blue algae, making it an icy-blue hue. This superfood is packing a surprisingly high dose of protein and is great for blending into nutritious smoothies or making an Instagram friendly latte.

lifesum korean foodKorean cuisine – So far Korean food has stayed in the shadow as other Asian foods have hit the top, but it will be taking the spotlight in 2018 as a result of the growing interest in fermented foods such as kombucha. Restaurants will be reinventing old classics with a Korean-inspired twist and will be perfect for anyone looking to upgrade from the weekly pad thai takeout.

Estonian cuisine – This is the new Nordic cuisine, a food trend emphasising the earthly flavours, made famous by chef Rene Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen. The Estonian cuisine comprises the fresh and local, making the most of its season. Whether it’s spruce shoots or pickled ramsons, blackcurrant leaves or grated green pine cones, Estonian chefs are returning to the forest.


About Lifesum

Lifesum ( is a Stockholm-based health app with over 20 million users. Using tech and psychology, it creates a tailored plan to help you live a happier, more balanced life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just be healthier, Lifesum shows you how changing your small, everyday habits can transform your life. It is available on iOS and Android.



The Ivy lands in Harrogate with a glitzy launch

Popular spa town Harrogate added another feather to its already rather glitzy cap with the arrival of one of the UK’s most iconic brands. After a busy soft launch weekend, The Ivy went all out on Tuesday 14 November with a shimmering launch party attended by the local jet-set, as well as journalists and local business owners.

And, while Kylie Minogue didn’t drop in to perform as she had at the London restaurants 100th birthday bash last Christmas, an amazing night was had by all. Sitting pretty on Parliament Street, just down from the legendary Betty’s Tea Rooms, the stunning restaurant boasts an interior design that’s both timeless and opulent.

the ivy harrogate gardenWith nods to the brands original West Street branch in London, The Ivy Harrogate also has its own unique sense of style and features a picturesque garden that we are sure is going to be the place to be come spring 2018.

The a la carte menu at the new eatery consists of the very best of English fine-dining, with steaks, lobster, and classic prawn cocktail, as well as fusion dishes from around the globe, including aromatic duck curry and tempura prawns. Diners can also enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea and a weekend brunch menu, along with one of the most impressive wine and champagne menus you’ll find in the north. And, if Harrogate is a little out of the way for you, then fear not. New restaurants are set to open in York and Manchester in the next few weeks, closely followed by Leeds in May of next year.

the ivy harrogate restaurantWe’ll be returning to The Ivy Harrogate for the full dining experience in the coming weeks, so look out for a full review in forthcoming edition of H&N. If the drinks and canapes on offer at the launch were anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

The Ivy Harrogate, 7-9 Parliament Street, Harrogate HG1 2QU   

Tel: 01423 787 100

Weightloss Made Easy with SkynDoctor SculpSure

There’s a brand new weight loss treatment ladies and it doesn’t involve eating lettuce or running 100miles, and it sounds rather fabulous.

Our beauty writer Rachel McAlley was interested to find out more so she got in touch with the SkynDoctor based in Huddersfield and Leeds to find out more about the weight loss treatment SculpSure.

SculpSure is the first treatment to use gentle heat technology to eliminate stubborn body fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, without the expense and downtime of invasive surgery.  This means there are no incisions, scars, tissue damage or pain.  Each SculpSure session lasts for a mere 25 minutes, with results visible after 6 weeks.

Using the latest heat technology, SculpSure effectively breaks down stubborn fat cells so they can be eliminated from the body naturally for a smooth silhouette.  Multiple problem areas can be targeted in one session such as the abdomen, waist, flanks, hips, legs and ankles, with a 24% reduction in fat after treatment.  On average, patients lose an inch or two from their waistline, the equivalent of a dress or trouser size, after just one treatment.

weightloss sculpsureSuper stylish mum and model, Alex Gerrard contours her tummy with SculpSure.

British actress Amy Jackson, known as the Liverpudlian who conquered Bollywood, has SculpSure to get sculpted arms.

To find out more about SculpSure at SkynDoctor log on to and check out for information about the treatment.


Perricone MD for Men

Have you heard of Perricone MD?  If not, then here is a heads up.  Perricone MD is one of the leading brands in skincare advice, nutrition and wellness with over 100 US and international patents in the treatment of damage to skin and systemic disease.

Dr Perricone is a Board-certified Dermatologist, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, he is a Master of the American College of Nutrition, a world-renowned healthy ageing expert, award-winning inventor, scientist, researcher and philanthropist.

We are loving all things produced by the Perricone MD beauty and skincare lab.  Occasionally we need to look deeper into the range of men’s skincare products that are available, and we’ve taken a massive liking to the Perricone MD CBx for Men collection.

There are three products in the collection including;

CBx for Men Super Clean Face Wash (£29 for 150ml)

A gentle gel-to-foam face wash that thoroughly cleanses without over-drying skin.  It also softens stubble prior to shaving.  Idea for men who want a gentle yet highly effective cleanser that can be used on stressed, oil-prone skin.

CBx for Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment (£39 for 118ml)

A lightweight, refreshing treatment that helps relieve irritation from razor burn, minor nicks and cuts.  Designed for men who want one easy-to-use product that offers all the benefits of an after-shave, plus the advanced skincare benefits of Perricone MD science.

CBx for Men Lightweight Moisturiser (£49 for 59ml)

A fast-absorbing and lightweight moisturiser that hydrates skin, minimises the appearance of fine lines and evens skin tone.  Perfect for men who want an advanced moisturiser that goes beyond what standard creams provide.

All Perricone MD skincare products are available online from


Skinny Caffe

Are you trying to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle, but get sucked into the trap of ordering a takeaway hot drink every time you pass a coffee shop? For those who love to treat themselves to a delicious, daily warm drink, The Skinny Caffe have launched a line of natural, vegan, dairy and gluten free blends that consumers can enjoy at home, or on the move. No fuss, no waiting time, no pressing, no filtering.It’s time to make coffee, not excuses.

At The Skinny Caffe, they know it isn’t easy to live a healthy lifestyle, and have launched their range of natural blends to keep men and women across the globe on track, as they strive to meet their health and fitness goals, whilst still enjoying the delicious taste of a comforting hot drink. In just one easy, fuss-free instant cup per day, The Skinny Caffe deliver a natural cocktail of superfood’s and health-boosting ingredients such as goji berry, acai, coconut milk, green tea, juniper berry, cinnamon and Grape seed in every cup.


There are three delicious coffee flavours to tickle your taste buds including original coffee, vanilla and salted caramel, one cup of The Skinny Caffe Coffee will kick start your morning in the best possible way. With no filtering or pressing needed, The Skinny Caffe coffee is instant, and delivers an immediate boost, to keep you on track for the day ahead. And you don’t have to worry what’s inside as it’s only natural organic coffee and superfood ingredients.


Skinny Hot Chocolate delivers the full taste of decadent cocoa, without the guilt. In two tempting varieties including Chocolate and Chocolate and Fudge, The Skinny Caffe hot chocolate is packed full of natural and weight-loss boosting ingredients including Raw Cacao, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Mangosteen and Grape seed.


There are two varieties of tea to choose from, Strawberry and Pineapple Daytime, and Vanilla and Cocoa Bed Time.  Start every day with The Skinny Caffe Skinny Tea Daytime and end every day with evening with The Skinny Caffe Tea Bed Time for a real kickstart to your healthy weight-loss programme.


Available from  priced from £18.71 for a 30-day supply of coffee, £17.48 for a 30-day supply of hot chocolate, and £23.95 for a 28-day supply of tea.

Twice Brewed Inn, Hadrian’s Wall

When Rachel McAlley arrived at Twice Brewed Inn she wasn’t prepared for the Inn’s proximity to Hadrian’s Wall, she knew it was close but had no idea that she would be opposite this renowned historical Roman wall.

The Inn was bustling with diners and drinkers when we arrived mid-Saturday afternoon, there was a buzz in the air and we couldn’t wait to check-in and then return to the bar for an in-house brewed beer.

We checked in to one of the family rooms at Twice Brewed Inn, which was spacious, exceptionally clean, and played host to a super comfy king sized bed and a bunk bed, which our six year old relished in.  There were all the necessary amenities you would expect when staying at an Inn, such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate, a selection of homemade butter shortbread biscuits, hairdryer, towels and bathroom essentials.

The bedroom window was the frame to the outstanding view, which included the vast Northumberland countryside and beautiful sprawling hills.  The Inn is situated a stones throw from Hadrian’s Wall, and many, if not all of the Inn’s visitors and guests are walkers, as Hadrian’s Wall is well-known for walking and hiking.

We left the bedroom, and descended the staircase in to the bar for a couple of late afternoon drinks.  Twice Brewed Inn has its own microbrewery attached to the main inn building and produces five (soon to be six) of its very own ales.  My partner opted for a Best Bitter and a Pale Ale, while a number of walkers were flocking into the bar after a long days walk, they too were sampling the beers.

We sat in front of one of the two roaring stoves and enjoyed a relaxing family afternoon at the Inn.  Our daughter was smitten with the newly decorated Christmas tree, the pretty garden outside, and the chatty and friendly staff behind the bar.

Back in our room, we watched a little TV, showered and changed for dinner, and then made our way into the restaurant for a tasty 3-course meal.  The food was hearty, and well presented.  Between us we opted for the cured salmon starter and cheese soufflé starters, followed by the children’s pizza and salad, spinach and Brie parcel, and the Rib-eye steak.  The steak was the standout dish, it was succulent, cooked to perfection and was served with amazing chips.  Desserts included kid’s ice cream, vanilla cheesecake, and cheese and biscuits.

It was time to head for bed, where we indulged in coffee, hot chocolate and homemade biscuits from the room tray, and our heads hit the soft pillows into the land of nod.

As always, morning arrived way too soon and breakfast beckoned.  We had pre-ordered our breakfast the night before so we eagerly made our way to the restaurant, where we were met by the same friendly staff from the previous evening.  Continental breakfast was served buffet style and consisted of fruit, cereals, toast and juice.  Our cooked breakfast arrived with Cumberland sausages, local eggs and locally made black pudding.  Another hearty meal from Twice Brewed Inn.

Upon checkout we had a lengthy conversation with Duty Manager Matthew Brown who gave a great insight to the Inn, the microbrewery, and the closeness to Hadrian’s Wall.

We left Twice Brewed Inn and wandered next door to the National Trust as it was holding a Christmas craft fair, had a local Choir singing carols, and was full of festive cheer.

A lovely way to end a family weekend spent at Twice Brewed Inn, Hexham, Northumberland.


Rooms at Twice Brewed Inn are charged at a rate of between £67.50 per night and £100 per night depending on the amount of guests per room.  The rate includes bed and a hearty breakfast.  Dinner and drinks are charged separately. For more information about Twice Brewed Inn log on to




The Pit Chapel Allerton

The Pit, Chapel Allerton. A Relaxed Place To Enjoy Casual Drinking & Dining With Friends.

There are so many places to choose from when eating out that sometimes we stick with what we know, but as I found out, we are missing out! The Pit has been around for a while but it should definitely be on your list for a fun night out with friends. The food offering is great along with a really extensive cocktail list and cracking atmosphere! Fill your boots I say!

For a Wednesday early evening I was pleasantly surprised to see we weren’t the only diners in The Pit, quite the contrary in fact, it was busy! The atmosphere was great and everybody seemed to being enjoying themselves as were seated in one of the leather booths.

This actually isn’t the type of restaurant I normally choose to dine in as it’s quite lively and offers lots of sport and entertainment like a weekly quiz etc. However, having visited I would return again as the food and drink offering were fantastic and the dining section is quite seperate from the bar so you can choose to enjoy to sporting comradery or sit further away – best of both worlds!

The menu is extensive and full of tempting treats, those of you on some mad diet won’t find much in the way of kale smoothies here, its all meat, ribs, chicken and slaw with a healthy (or not so much) portion of Philly Fries!

We chose some cocktails from the brand new cocktail menu to get the tastebuds ready for action. I chose The Artful Dodger, indulgent Santa Teresa Claro rum, gingerbread and almond syrups, lemon and Fair Acai liqueur all craftily mixed together and served with a Jammie Dodger biscuit. It was delicious but a word of advice, pluck the biscuit from the top straight away, you don’t want a soggy dodger!

Across the table my friend chose the Gin & juice, Portobello Road gin is shaken with Giffard mure and Pamplemousse, elderflower cordial, fresh lime and topped with crisp dry Prosecco.This was really refreshing and moreish!

Onto the food and we were in for a treat. I chose finer lickin’ chicken bites and they were aboslutely delicious, marinated chicken with a hot and zingy sauce – you could choose sticky BBQ if you prefer. My friends enjoyed the loaded nachos which certainly were loaded. I hate it when I order nachos and I’m left with a bowl of dry chips , if they are loaded, they should be LOADED. Fortunately The Pit don’t scrimp and there wasn’t dry chip in the house! Thumbs up.

For main course I plumped (literally) for Pit Chicken, – Crispy fried chicken, Southern style slaw and Louisiana blazing BBQ sauce. OMG, this was so so tasty. The batter was crispy and tasty but not heavy and the chicken was beautifully juicy. Pure comfort food!  My friend opted for San Jose Chicken, rubbed & marinated chicken breast cooked in a spicy sauce topped with melted cheese, chorizo, peppers, onions, salsa Mexicana, guac and chillies. It went down a treat and we both agreed we would return for sure.


Time for more cocktails Jack Rabbit Slim for me – Jack Daniel’s Honey whiskey, Courvoisier brandy, fresh lemon and a healthy dose of Dr Pepper. What’s the worst that can happen? Well it certainly washed the chicken down and tasted top notch. They really know how to mix a good cocktail at The Pit, but if you, like me, don’t drink cocktails too often, ask a bartender to help you choose. They are really knowledgeable and can craft you up something perfect for your palate.

The Pit is certainly worth a visit, we had cracking service from both restaurant and bar staff, the food was spot on and it’s a fun place to be. I think it would certainly be a good option for Christmas parties and the like as the atmosphere really lends itself to that type of occasion. Get down to The Pit and fill your boots, tell them I sent you.

8b Stainbeck Lane, Leeds. LS7 3QY

Tel: 0113 269 8666

Leeds’ new Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen VIP launch party

Leeds Bierkeller Entertainment Complex opens a new American-style barbecue restaurant specialising in traditional flavours of the Old West but with a contemporary twist.

An exclusive VIP launch party for the American-style barbecue restaurant on Park Row attracted the glitterati of Leeds. Leeds Rhinos stars Ashton Golding and Richie Myler, soap stars and model Sam Reece were greeted by fire performers as they arrived at the glamorous new venue. Urban music stars in Leeds for the annual MOBOs awards at the First Direct Arena couldn’t resist staying in the city for an extra 24 hours to join in the celebration, alongside Leeds FC players.

Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen revealed its new look at the invitation-only event, giving guests a preview of its signature Old West-inspired smokehouse menu and a sample soundtrack from the bar’s resident DJ with live sax player and percussion performers. The restaurant and bar replaces the former Around The World bar & lounge with a new US-style concept. Operations director Rebecca Eastwood said the VIP night, ahead of the official opening on Friday, was a great way to introduce the smokehouse.

She added: “We feel Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen brings something new to Leeds so we were really proud and excited to show it off. After spending months transforming the venue, and working on the new dishes, it was good to finally be able to give people a taste of what they can expect and we had some really fantastic feedback from all our guests.”

Allan Harper, CEO of BurningNight Group which owns and operates Smokin’, added: “We chose Leeds as the first site for Smokin’ Bar & Kitchen because our company was born in the city and it has been the springboard for our nationwide success. We’re proud of our roots here, so we wanted our Leeds customers to be the first to experience what we think is something quite special.”

The Smokin’ Bar and Kitchen, at 1 South Parade, will serve up signature in-house smoked meats such as juicy chargrilled steaks, ribs and wings combined with secret recipe glazes and spice blends. But the smoke won’t stop there – it is also planning to offer a selection of healthy smoked fish dishes including Creole salmon and spiced blackened cod.

The existing Around The World Bar will be transformed to give it an authentic US-inspired feel showcasing a brand new menu focused on slow-cooked favourites and big smoky flavours.

Rebecca Eastwood, operations director of the Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, says The Smokin’ Bar, which will have its VIP launch on November 30, will be something totally new for the venue.

She said: “Smoked, barbecued and chargrilled meats are really popular at the moment so we know there’s going to be a demand for this kind of food, but we want to be about more than just that which is why we’ve extended our menu to include a variety of smoked fish alternatives too.

“I’ve already experienced some of the dishes which we’ll be serving here and there’s something a bit different about them in terms of the intense authentic flavours and the quality so we’re really excited to bring them to our customers.

“Old West-style food Is amazing, it’s all about the cuts of meat, the smoking and the innovative cooking techniques, but you’ve got to do it well which is what we intend to do. And it’s not just about good food – we’ll also have an extensive cocktail range and a resident DJ to give us a great party atmosphere at night.” Leeds will be the first Bierkeller Entertainment Complex in the UK to house the new The Smokin’ Bar concept.

“There are now six complexes in cities across the country but we were the original so it feels like it’s come full circle because we’re the first again,” she added. “We’re really looking forward to launching The Smokin’ Bar because it will give us a strong food focus and give our staff a chance to show just how good they are at delivering the best service.”

Isaac Mayne, head of marketing and promotions for BurningNight Group which owns the Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, says the company is constantly investing to keep its restaurants current.

“We always want to bring something original to our customers and that’s what we’re doing with The Smokin’ Bar And Kitchen,” he said. “The distinctive smokehouse taste is something lots of people will be familiar with but our chefs have worked hard to create flavours which set us apart so we can’t wait for everyone to try them.”

24 Park Row
LS1 5QB Leeds

0845 533 3000

Award Winning Hairdresser Moves to Greengates

Cross & Co Hairdressers have recently moved from their salon in Saltaire to a beautiful period town house in Greengates, where over two elegantly converted floors they offer the perfect welcome and hairdressing experience. The team, headed up by owner, Damian Cross, has a wealth of experience in both ladies and men’s hairdressing and between them they have won many awards within the industry. Each has been carefully chosen for their individual areas of expertise and passion for creating the perfect cut, colour and style for each individual client.

Damian has almost 25 years of salon experience, having worked in many salons across the country. He has taken the knowledge gained during his career and blended it with his own ideas to create a strong and very personal brand, mixing together individual artistic flair with a real love and passion for hairdressing.

This new salon is very different to the one in Saltaire, gone is the large, impersonal expanse of salon floor, this new design concept is rustic, yet beautifully contemporary with lots of reclaimed wood and lovely natural fabrics and textures and there is a gorgeous exposed stone feature wall, in fact everywhere you look the detail, design and finish to this salon is second to none, with a real intimate feel to this new Cross & Co. Being a converted period town house has allowed for the many rooms to be opened up, creating a spacious feel to the areas dedicated to consultations and finishing, however around each corner is a smaller room, much more intimate where the back wash basins are situated. Damian decided to move to Greengates when the opportunity of this building presented itself, as living in the area, this means he has more time to spend with his young family as the salon is now  much closer.

Many existing Cross & Co clients have stayed faithful and happily travel from Bingley, Shipley and Saltaire, however Damian and the team have created a huge buzz in the BD10 area and through their prominent roadside presence and attractive kerb appeal, have many new customers coming in from local businesses and of course residents who are excited to have a new, high profile hairdressing salon in the area.

Greengates and Apperley Bridge are seeing a huge surge in new build housing due to the opening of the new railway station at Apperley Bridge and the population is growing rapidly. It looks like this was a very smart move on Damian’s part and he has been welcomed with open arms. What an exciting year this is turning out to be at Cross & Co and you could be part of it with their opening offer of 10% Discount off All Services for H&N Readers. What are you waiting for!

T: 01274 590 660